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Teeth Whitening in Hershey PA | Rick Yazinski, DMD Family Dentistry | Hershey, PA

Laser Whitening

Why Teeth Whitening?

With an attractive smile, you feel confident, composed and ready to take on tasks that you would normally avoid. In social situations, a bright, lovely smile will help you be more outgoing and pleasant. You will find it easier to interact with new friends and enjoy the friends and family you already know. Dr. Yazinski offers tooth whitening along with his other Family Dentistry services.

Teeth Whitening Methods

Laser teeth whitening is actually a very simple, pain-free and time-efficient method for achieving a beautiful smile. The dentist will begin by applying a gel to the teeth. Next, the family dentist will complete the teeth whitening by concentrating the laser directly on the teeth to help the gel penetrate into the teeth. The procedure is beneficial for people who have problems with other methods of teeth whitening because of sensitivity or limited time to commit to the process. The dentist understands these problems and offers the laser teeth whitening as a highly effective solution.


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