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Examination and Diagnosis

At every checkup with Rick Yazinski, DMD in Hershey PA, he will do a full evaluation of your mouth. The dentist will read your dental records. He will take and view x-rays of your mouth and teeth. Then, the family dentist will examine your gums for periodontal disease, check for oral cancer and look at your jaw joint. If he sees anything unexpected, Dr. Yazinski will assess the issue and do any further tests needed to make a full diagnosis of the problem.

Preventative Care

Dr. Rick Yazinski is committed to providing his patients with the best in preventative dental care. By offering the services of teeth cleanings, biannual checkups and correcting minor problems, the dentist is able to maintain his patients' oral health. Mothers need information about how to care for their babies' teeth. A child's first visit to the dentist is crucial in determining his attitude towards dental hygiene and dental visits in the future. Even adults need help in keeping up with brushing, flossing and checkups. Dr. Yazinski is a dentist with a strong belief in the power of prevention for every age.

Corrective Procedures

Dr. Yazinski realizes that problems do arise sometimes. There may not have been enough preventative care, the teeth may be weak, or the gums may be prone to infection. The family dentist has the knowledge and ability to do both minor and major corrective procedures. Teeth whitening is also available.

Expert Hershey PA Family Dentist

1. Rick Yazinski DMD uses cutting edge examination and diagnostic methods.
2. The family dentist has experience with dental care at all stages of life
3. The Hershey PA dentist uses innovative techniques in solving oral health issues.
4. Dr. Yazinski stays abreast of all advances in the field of Family Dentistry

Compassionate Care

• The family dentist attentively listens to your requests and issues.
• We take the time to teach you great oral hygiene skills.
• Dr. Kazinski treats you in a calm and professional manner to keep you comfortable and at ease.
• The dentist performs procedures skillfully to prevent or relieve dental pain.
• Through expert laser teeth whitening services, Dr. Yazinski will help you reclaim your beautiful smile.

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